Game Instructions


In LunchFight, you are a student in the cafeteria. You have food that you can throw at other students. By splatting other students, you can take their money which lets you buy better food and better protection. You can also train in the gym to increase your skill.

First Steps

The first thing you should do when you start the game is to go to the vending machines and buy a grape or a T-Shirt. Then go to the cafeteria and practice against some first graders. After each fight that you win, be sure to visit the locker and deposit your money because if you lose a fight your opponent will take some of your money! Once you have a few hundred pennies, go to the gym area and bump up your skill points. This will help you against opponents that are otherwise equally matched with you. Save up $1000 and go back to the vending machine and buy the item that you didn't get the first time. This should get you started.


This shows the current rankings of all the players of the game. You can challenge players above or below you to a challenge. If you win against someone above you, you will take their spot on the rankings.

Fight Practice

You can practice by fighting an anonymous student. The higher the grade the better they are, so you'll want to start out with a first grader. When you win, you get their money and some experience. If you lose, you lose 25% of the money in your pocket and some experience. Practicing is a great way to earn money and get better before challenging any of the ranked players. You only get a certain number of fights per day before the teacher catches you, so use them wisely and then come back tomorrow to play again. If you think you are about to lose a fight, you should run away. This will protect you from losing money and experience.


This is how you can move up in the rankings! Challenge your fellow players to a lunchfight and if you walk away with fewer spots then you take their place in the rankings. Any fight that you initiate will contribute to your win/loss ratio. Up to $5,000 that your opponent has in their pocket when they lose is now yours! But be careful, because up to $5,000 in your pocket goes to them if you lose. Your opponent does not need to be online to challenge them. You only get a certain number of challenges per day before the teacher catches you, so use them wisely and then come back tomorrow to play again.


Here you can improve your offensive or defensive skills. Your offensive skill level helps determine how many spots you splat for when you fight an opponent. Your defensive skill level helps you avoid being hit by your opponent. Better types of training will give you more skill points, but will also cost more. You can only spend the money that is in your pocket, so visit the locker to withdraw your money.

Vending Machines

You can buy better food and clothes at the store. The more expensive the item, the better it is. You can only spend the money that is in your pocket, so visit the locker to withdraw your money.


At the locker you can deposit or withdraw money. If you lose a fight, you will lose some of the money in your pocket, so be sure to deposit all your money into the bank before fighting a tough opponent.


In the kitchen you can either freeze or microwave your food. This will make it either more accurate or more powerful. You cannot have both, so you must pick which one you want. Freezing makes it much more accurate and slightly less powerful. Microwaving makes it more powerful and slightly less accurate. When you buy some new food, it starts out as neutral. The price of using the kitchen is 5% of the cost of your food.


At the bleachers you can hire spys to go snoop on other students. Before you challenge someone, its probably a good idea to see what food and clothing they have. You can also hire an assistant who will help you by taking your winnings from every fight and placing it safely into your locker.

Getting Kicked Out of School

Players who do not participate in at least one food fight every 1 month will be kicked out of the school and will have to start over again with nothing.

Running Away

When you lose a fight, you will lose some points and some money in your pocket. If you lose a challenge you will also have a loss recorded on your win/loss ratio. So, if you are about to lose you should run away to protect your score, money and record.


This icon corresponds to your win/loss ratio. You must win at least 2 challenges for every 1 that you lose.

This is the hot potato. When you have the hot potato the money you receive from food fights will be cut in half. You can only get rid of the hot potato by beating a ranked player in a challenge.

This player has been online in the last 30 minutes.

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